Through a Daughter’s Eyes

“There were pounding hammers and shooting flames everywhere . . . and I loved every minute of it!” exclaimed Phyllis Gotschall Wilhelm. Mrs. Gotschall Wilhelm is the daughter of former…

Forging more than 100 years ago

Ancient Art, Modern Use: The Evolution of Forging

“The art of forging is something that almost no one could understand outside of a company like SIFCO. They could not fathom pounding material and ending up with a beautiful…


The Engineer and the B-17 Pilot

The story of a brilliant young engineer and a brave young B-17 pilot, whose fates intertwined in World War II and later at SIFCO It was 1942, and the world…


Parts, Process, Pride . . . and People (Part 1 of 2)

Employees Talk about Working at SIFCO

SIFCO sales manager Ian Murray’s favorite aspect of the business is the way a forging comes into creation.